About Us

Child Life Care started for the welfare and wellbeings of poor children seeking medical treatment all over India

Child Life Care aims at

We in Child Life Care is a team of above 100 educated young men who have enough experience and willingness for the fulfilment of above goals

What we do at Child Life Care

Kid's treatment

First we have to make a database of needy ones. Presently it is decided to visit local hospitals (both government and private), collect information from locality etc... This database is reflected and updated in our website immediately. Donors who visit our website or communicate privately can transfer their donations to a bank account which will be created by us in favor of the needy client. It is arranged by the bank that any attempt to deposit more than sufficient is not possible.

Provision supply for poor families

This includes supply of non perishable food items to the needy families. Anyone in the family can approach Child Life Care with proper eligibility proof and collect the items. Home delivery is also possible in certain circumstances. The donor can transfer fund to the Child Life Care bank account and verify the activities online.

Education Scholarship

Education Scholarship for poor children is our next project. For this purpose an FD can be created in favour of Child Life Care and from its interest, scholarship can be distributed.

Natural calamity

It has become a common event in Kerala now a days. In this case, we visit the needy victims, take part in the rebuilding process by our volunteers. We at Child Life Care can contact a chartered engineer and make an official estimate for the repair/rebuild of houses and other premises. It can be listed on our website, seeking sufficient donations from kind donors. This will be transferred to the client's bank account in a timely manner, to full fill the requirement. It is so arranged that in the event of surplus income the account will be automatically closed by the bank, so that further deposit is not possible.

Support and aid for farmers

It is a truth that without farmers we cannot live. Due to several reasons including climate deviation, the survival of farmers is one of the most important subjects of concern. We can collect fund from kind hearted donors and distribute for the purpose of survival of these poor farmers.

Bank Attachment

Helping loan defaulters who are badly in need of some fund to avoid a situation like a bank attachment, civil cases ext... It is one of our intentions to help those poor ones who are in need of urgent payments. This can be done in both reversible and irreversible manner.

Save Nature

Due to lack of facilities of the disposal of waste, contagious diseases are spreading and for protecting from these activities, especially plastic waste, the general public may be given suitable awareness to reduce air pollution and collect sufficient funds to remove waste, erecting waste treatment plant in an association with the certification of Pollution Control Board.

Special Urgent Service

Our Dream Project is Air Ambulance. It is very difficult to transport an urgent patient by road. The Ambulance will be running very fast for hours. In this situation Air Ambulance will be very useful to general public. Especially in South India the Air Ambulance is a dream project of Child Life Care